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August 2014

Project Seminar with OTH

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D. Rimane (Head of operations at SASSE), G. Jendryschik (Head of material logistics at SASSE) and their team carried out a study to optimize the material logistics together with four master’s degree students and Prof. Dr. B Gänßbauer from OTH Regensburg. Because of an interdisciplinary project seminar, they analyzed the complete reception area, the warehouse, as well as the shipment area of Sasse. The task was to identify potential for improvement relating to efficiency and work safety and, according to that, to develop possible solutions. The students did a good job and could turn their ideas into reality.

D. Rimane was happy about the great cooperation of his team and the students from OTH Regensburg. Some results of the very successful workshop are for example:

  • A clear increase of the workflow in relation to the receipt of goods.
  • Because of that a decrease of collection time about 20%.
  • An increase of the space productivity about 25%.
  • A decrease of distances and travel time about 10%.