Go To Work By Bike 2015

By 23. July 2015Company

For more than 10 years some of our employees say: “Yes of course, I’m going to work by bike!”

“To work by bike” is an initiative from ADFC an AOK where the participants have to go to work by bike on at least 20 days from June till August. Long-distance commuters are allowed to combine a part of their way to work with public transport. The aim of this action is to protect the environment and to do something for your own health at the same time. It does not care if you do this alone or with your colleges in a team. The ones who went to work by bike on at least 20 days till august will further participate in a prize draw.

At SASSE the number of participants is growing from year to year and some of them take part again and again. One of these frequent participants is Mr. Eichhorn who has to travel in total 34km every day – last year he got a small prize for his performance. Also the head of R&D and manager Dr. Schnürer-Patschen supports the initiative and is riding his bike. The SASSE-Team has grown from 4 participants last year to 10 participants in this year. The distances per ride are varying between 3km and 22km and are sometimes in combination with train.

SASSE will buy a new bicycle rack in recognition of its employee’s dedication and hopefully next year will be as many participants as this time.

SASSE wishes all participants a good ride!


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