Sasse is a medium-sized development, manufacturing and service provider for medical and industrial companies. Over 70 employees develop and manufacture high-quality, efficient, and economical systems for our global customer base at our headquarters in Schwabach, near Nuremberg.


About Us

With over 70 years of experience in the design and implementation of sophisticated mechatronic systems, we can help you turn your product ideas and innovations into reality, all while staying within the planned time frame and budget. We will be by your side with our technologies and expertise – from the development phase to the production of your products, and throughout your product’s entire lifecycle. You can decide for yourself whether you would like us to take on the role of a complete service provider, or to entrust us with selected areas.

The focus of our work lies in adding value to your business: our broad portfolio of technologies and services provides your team with significant relief in resources and helps you sustainably optimize your procurement, development, manufacturing and logistics-processes. As a certified and award winning partner, we ensure that all of our solutions meet the highest standards of quality and safety and, of course, all relevant regulations and directives.

Our Process

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SASSE Elektronik was founded in 1946 as Sasse K.G. by Dr. Eugen Sasse. The core business of the company was initially the manufacturing of several kinds of switchers and drop signals for the telecommunication industry.  Since the 90s, Sasse focuses on the development and manufacturing of high-quality stainless-steel keyboards and control elements for the medical engineering and safety-related control systems.

During the many decades we have been on the market, we have not only developed advanced products for our customers but have also launched numerous innovations of our own:


The first Kellog-Switch (mechanical trigger-switch) went into series production.


Manufacturing of drop signals and switches for the international telecommunication sector.


Manufacturing of the first keypad, replacing the dial pad.


Development and manufacturing of special keyboards for medical products.


Development and manufacturing of the first control box for computer tomography.


The first saskey® stainless steel keyboards went into series-production.


First use of field-bus interfaces in industrial and medical devices


Development and manufacturing of analogue inter-phones for MRI


First integration of embedded systems.


Development of a functionally safe radio transmission for the operation of medical devices


Development and manufacturing of joysticks for medical systems


Development and manufacturing of a medical device.


Development of the first collision protection system.


We have developed and manufactured innovative devices for a wide variety of customers.

Joystick for a C-arm X-Ray system

with Dead Man’s Handle function (capacitive approval) to avoid accidental joystick activation.

Remote Controls

which can be used to trigger safety-critical functions for medical devices and systems.

Complete Control Panel

(embedded system) for X-Ray devices.


for MRIs, also with pneumatic signal transmission.

Collision protection for X-Ray equipment

to avoid collisions between humans (patients, medical staff) and machines.

Temperature Management

for an infusion pump for the temperature control of emergency patients.

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We adhere to high quality standards in accordance with DIN ISO 9001 during the development of new products, solving processes, manufacturing and sales at all times. Quality isn’t just a requirement for us – it’s part of our philosophy.

The certification in accordance with DIN EN ISO 13485 (norm for medical products) ensures stable processes and high quality providing an added value to our customers.

Apart from professionalism and excellent expertise, the development and manufacturing of medical products requires strict compliance with international standards. Our certified processes offer you the possibility to have our embedded modules licensed under your own name. By using our CE and FDA-compatible development documentation all relevant documents can be included directly in your device file.

That way, we guarantee that development and manufacturing at Sasse in always meet the highest quality requirements.

  • Development according to IEC 60601 3rd ed. for medical devices
  • Risk management according to DIN EN ISO 14971
  • Software-Life-Cycle according to IEC 62304
  • Usability according to IEC 62366
  • CE- and FDA-compatible development documentation
  • Device Master Record / Device History File
  • Verification
  • cGMP
  • Quality management system according to DIN EN ISO 13485