The documentation of technological developments is always subject to strict legal requirements and industry standards, and can take up an increasing amount of time and resources. As part of our joint projects, Sasse can take over the creation of seamless and regulation compliant documentation.

These days, a complete technical documentation of your development projects is indispensable for a multitude of reasons. For one, most industries require policy-compliant documentation as a basic prerequisite for the successful approval of your product. In addition, the use, maintenance and further development of a new product without complete documentation is not possible throughout the lifecycle of the project.

Documentation doesn’t write itself

Our experience has shown that creating comprehensive documentation is an extremely complex task – both with regards to the creation and maintenance of the texts, diagrams, drawings, evaluations and reports, but also with regards to the necessary expertise in the Machinery Directive, Medical Device Directive etc. Especially in the field of software development, the clean and comprehensible documentation according to IEC 62304 often takes just as long as the actual development process.

Documentation directly from developers

Therefore, we are happy to take care of the required documentation for our joint projects. Our developers are well acquainted with both the product as well as all external requirements, and will deliver complete and comprehensible documentation in time for delivery to make sure that nothing stands in the way of a successful approval process.

Our Development Process

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