Mechatronic Systems

The field of mechatronics is rapidly evolving – new materials and innovative approaches in embedded systems open the mechatronic components of your products up to countless new possibilities. The development experts at Sasse help you to explore these possibilities early and promptly to efficiently integrate them into your systems.

Sasse assists you as a full service provider for the complete development of your complex mechatronic cases and control systems. Based on your specifications, we can analyze your functional and financial requirements in detail and work closely with your team to develop an ergonomically and user-friendly design that perfectly satisfies your needs.

Production-ready preparation

Our project team is available during all phases of the project with advice and practical help. No other company of our size comes close to our comprehensive expertise in such a wide variety of areas, allowing us to advise you in choosing the most appropriate materials and compounds for your project, continuously monitor kinetic, kinematic and thermodynamic properties, and ultimately to develop a functional and modern design that seamlessly integrates into the existing environment. As experienced manufacturing service providers, we can also offer professional, production-ready processing of the designs.

Leading through innovation

Built on our deep knowledge of the market and our interdisciplinary expertise, we proactively inform you of relevant developments in the market and advise you on expanding your systems with new innovative technologies to stand out from your competitors.

Our Development Process

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