Qualification and Proof-of-Concept

Technological development is advancing dynamically: every day hardware and software companies around the world announce exciting new innovations and lure with sustainable savings, efficiency gains and new features. Our qualification services help you to evaluate which of these technologies are ready for the market and can offer you real added value.

Every development project starts with an idea. But is this idea even feasible? And if so, at what cost? And what are the risks? As your development partner, we can help you substantiate these issues as part of a proof-of-concept critically and evaluatively from the beginning of the project. This way, any breaking points can be identified early on and set the course for a successful project.

Interdisciplinary project teams

In order to provide a sound assessment, we put together an interdisciplinary qualification team for each project. In addition to the experts in development, this team includes experienced purchasing agents, sales professionals and manufacturing executives. This way you can be certain that all relevant perspectives are taken into account, granting you with a holistic view of the project.

Continuous optimization of processes

The project team is not only responsible for the initial evaluation of the project, but defines the key data for the upcoming steps in a joint kick-off meeting, and continuously reviews the quality and efficiency at regular meetings to ensure maximum optimization.

Our Development Process

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