Logistics Services

Parallel to the production of your components, we offer a broad spectrum of attractive logistics services for all project phases. This allows you to benefit from our years of experience in purchasing and procurement, relieve your employees of time-consuming routine tasks, and to optimize your internal flow of materials.

The quality of the products and services you receive from us depends heavily on the quality of the flow of materials. Thus, we make sure to set up our logistics processes as lean and efficiently as possible throughout all production phases, and help you with a variety of individual logistics services including:

Supply Chain Management: Our logistics experts develop an individual procurement strategy that will help you to optimize your purchasing processes and procure the most suitable supplier-side components at the best price for your project.

Labeling, packaging and commissioning: If necessary, we can bundle the finished systems together as sets, and take over the labeling, commissioning and packaging of the units.

Availability of materials: To ensure a just-in-time delivery and avoid supply shortages, we support you in the implementation of individual deployment strategies. We offer both pull concepts (such as Kanban or Milk Run) and push concepts.

Reduce complexity: Our logistics services allow you to completely outsource relatively large partial projects to our experts – with the assurance that your demanding logistical processes are in best hands with us. This way you can sustainably minimize the complexity of your own processes and noticeably relieve your staff.

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