Quality Management

We make it our utmost duty to exclusively deliver flawless, efficient and technologically advanced products to our customers. Therefore, we implement strict quality management procedures throughout the entire company, allowing us to recognize and fix mistakes promptly – and not make them a second time.

Over the years, Sasse Elektronik has defined a broad range of proven QM tools. In order to identify defective products early on, we rely on meticulous checks of incoming goods, multiple tests during production, as well as careful analyses of finished products.

Wide range of powerful quality management tools

We take mistakes as a catalyst to put the corresponding step in the process to the test, and, if necessary, to optimize it. In addition, we define appropriate measures to prevent a repetition – either by additionally training the employees responsible, or by formulating a unique work instruction for the process.

Continuous process improvement

Built on established quality management philosophies such as Lean Management, Six Sigma and Muda, we have created a corporate culture of continuous improvement. As our client, you can always rely on our primary focus being on the high quality of your products – and that we strive to serve you better from year to year.

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