Our products and services stand for functional safety and quality – indispensable for the medical technology and automation industries.

We offer both innovative technologies as well as our own products that allow our clients to turn their ideas into reality.




Safety use stands for high-quality and technologically sophisticated operating elements that ensure functional safety.

Control Systems

Whether it’s in industry or in medical technology, the equipment and devices we work with every day are becoming more and more complex and rich in features. In order to exploit the maximum potential of these systems, it is more necessary than ever to rely on high-performance, intuitive and safe operation.

In the development of our control systems, we set our focus on two aspects: an intuitive and functionally safe user interface and impeccable communication with the system. This ensures that the user can immediately use their equipment efficiently and safely.


The accidental triggering of control elements in safety critical environments can lead to fatal consequences. The Dead Man’s Handle (DMH) technology from Sasse Elektronik reliably helps you to avoid false alarms, and presents itself as an intuitive and robust solution in many scenarios.

Whether it’s X-ray machines, control panels, robots, HMIs, handles, levers or buttons – the safety use DMH from Sasse Elektronik can be integrated into virtually every technical device. Powerful sensors ensure that the functions are only intentionally activated, that is as long as the operator’s hand is on the trigger.


With our innovative safety wireless solutions from the field of wireless technology, functional safety can be combined with comfortable handling and excellent ergonomics.

Wireless Technology

Wireless technologies and radio controls have long become a part of everyday life. When used in industrial and medical technology however, the performance and safety of the systems has to meet significantly higher requirements. Thus, Sasse offers mature wireless solution as part of our Safety Wireless technologies that combine uncompromising security with high operating comfort.

Whether in the operation of medical equipment or in the control of major industrial robots – the use of radio technology guarantees the users a much higher degree of freedom of movement and ease of use. Sasse was one of the pioneers of establishing radio technology as an ergonomic and safe operating solution in medical technology.

safety/wireless features

  • Compact design
  • Freely configurable buttons
  • Internal or external antenna
  • Approvals: CE, FCC, IC, worldwide on request
  • Proprietary Protocol, BT (Bluetooth), BTLE (Bluetooth Low Energy)
  • Interfaces: USB, digital, RS232 / RS422,
  • CAN bus / CANopen, others on request
  •  safety/touch

    We develop a customized security concept and implement a first failure safe touch-controlled element for you.

    Touch Technologies

    With their ease of use and countless customizable options, touch-based control systems have become increasingly popular in all industries. Sasse Elektronik develops and produces high performance touch control systems and concepts that are precisely tailored to your requirements while meeting the highest security demands.

    Across all industries, a shift to simple and comfortable control by the touch of your finger can be observed. But this technology does not come without its pitfalls – especially with regards to functional safety: our hectic everyday wiping and typing make mistakes of all sorts inevitable. Particularly when used in demanding medical or industrial environments, it is vital to set the course for safe and compliant operation as early as in the development phase.


    Our safety electronic technologies include MR and RF capable electronics, mainly for medical and laboratory use, but also for industrial research applications.

    Electronic systems for high frequency and magnetic resonance applications

    Electronic modules and controls for use in magnetic resonance and high frequency ranges must meet special requirements. Building on our safety electronic technologies, we advise and support you in the development and manufacturing of high quality, MR-compatible components for particularly critical environments.

    MRI systems are among the most powerful imaging procedures in modern medical diagnostics. Their use however, produces extremely powerful magnetic fields and radio waves – strong enough to negatively impact conventional electronic components in their performance and functionality in certain environments.


    With our safety cover technology, both people (patients and personnel) as well as machines and their environment can be protected from collision damage.

    Collision Protection

    With our pioneering Safety Cover technology we can support you in developing and implementing innovative collision protection concepts. We combine powerful capacitive and resistive elements as needed to ensure optimal protection and high efficiency. It’s worth it – even if you only need a small series.

    Whether it’s in healthcare or industrial applications – the automated movement of heavy high-tech systems can quickly become a safety liability to the environment. The Safety Cover collision protection from Sasse Elektronik protects people and the environment with precisely coordinated technologies and reliably prevents personal injuries and property damage.

    Flexible configuration options

    On the basis of our powerful Safety Cover BUS system, we are able to combine capacitive and resistive technologies as needed to ensure an optimally functional collision protection system that is guaranteed to be first failure safe.

    Consultation and service in all project phases

    No matter which technology you choose – as an experienced service provider, Sasse Elektronik provides you with the knowledge, the resources, and the flexibility to ensure the successful realization of your products within your set time frame and budget.


    Our safety measure technology allows you to obtain highly precise measurement results in real time.

    Fill-level measurement

    The innovative safety capaTec technology from Sasse Elektronik allows you to measure the exact capacitive fill-level of liquids and solids, all in real time. The solutions are specially designed for a sterile environment and can easily be integrated into your existing environment thanks to space-saving and maintenance-free technology.

    Constant fill level measurement of critical substances are a proven tool to avoid expensive damages or failures, and to protect the health of staff and patients. The safety capaTec technology from Sasse Elektronik precisely records both liquid and solid, conductive and nonconductive materials. The robes sensors are not impacted by drops or condensation or even electromagnetic interference. This makes it easy for your customers to continuously monitor the fill level of your systems.

    Benefits of safety/measure

    • Continuous measurement of the fill-level
    • Contactless
    • Usable in sterile environments
    • Real-time measurement
    • Resistant to dripping / condensation
    • Resistant to electromagnetic interference
    • Customized solutions
    • Little need for space
    • Maintenance-free

    The saskey brand stands for high-quality industrial input devices designed by Sasse and made in Germany.

    Stainless Steel Keyboards

    Stainless steel keyboards do not just look prestigious, but are also robust and versatile. Our keyboards are thus widely acclaimed in areas such as medical technology, automation, the automotive industry, the food and beverage industry and many public areas. With our Saskey brand, we have remained one of Germany’s leading stainless steel keyboard providers for over 20 years.

    Sasse is the pioneer of the stainless steel keyboard. Our keyboards are distinguished by their modern and prestigious design. The high build quality that is prevalent across all product lines allows our keyboards to master harsh environments, weathering and even physical violence (vandalism). With its abrasion-resistant laser marking the IP65 certified keyboards are also extremely durable, even when used in demanding industrial and medical environments.


    Our MagJoy Joystick is a very robust industrial control panel with high functional safety.


    Joysticks enable your customers to intuitively and reliably control highly complex systems, while also keeping space requirements and maintenance costs at a minimum. As a robust and affordable control solution, they are particularly popular in harsh industrial environments in a variety of scenarios.

    The MagJoy from Sasse Elektronik has established itself as a robust, intuitive and easy to use input device across all sectors for many years. Aggressive media such as dust, lubricants or cleaning agents that are habitual to harsh industrial environments are no feat for the MagJoy – all while being a cost-effective solution that meets all quality standards.


    • Usable as Mouse or Joystick (switchable)
    • Interfaces: USB, optionally analog
    • 1, 2 or 3 axes
    • Installation in existing control panels from 42.5 mm installation depth
    • Robust construction with IP65 protection, industry standard
    • Connection for scroll wheel or three freely assignable buttons
    • Hall sensor technology
    • Magnetic, contactless, wear-free

    Our Process

    Based on a feasibility study in conjunction with a joint risk analysis, we develop a tailor made concept for you – the optimal solution for your problem and requirements.

    Any questions? Just use our contact form to get in touch – we’ll get back to you shortly.