Control Systems / HMI

Whether it’s in industrial applications or in medical technology, the equipment and devices we work with every day are becoming more and more complex and rich in features. In order to exploit the maximum potential of these systems, it is more necessary than ever to rely on high-performance, intuitive and safe operation.

In the development of our control systems, we set our focus on two aspects: an intuitive and functionally safe user interface and impeccable communication with the system. This ensures that the user can immediately use their equipment efficiently and safely.

When safety matters

The functional safety of our solutions is at the forefront of all of our consulting, development and manufacturing services – we continuously analyze the potential damages and risks of new technologies and carefully monitor the first failure safety of our designs in order to sustainably prevent damage to users and their environment.

Consulting, development, manufacturing

With many years of experience behind us, we are excellently equipped to support you in all stages of the development and manufacturing of your control elements. Our cross-department project team will advise you throughout the entire product lifecycle to help you find a solution that conforms with your functional, safety and economic requirements.

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