Dead Man’s Handle (DMH)

The accidental triggering of control elements in safety critical environments can lead to fatal consequences. The Dead Man’s Handle (DMH) technology from Sasse Elektronik reliably helps you to avoid false alarms, and presents itself as an intuitive and robust solution in many scenarios.

Whether it’s X-ray machines, control panels, robots, HMIs, handles, levers or buttons – the safety use DMH from Sasse Elektronik can be integrated into virtually every technical device. Powerful sensors ensure that the functions are only intentionally activated, that is as long as the operator’s hand is on the trigger.

Individual adaptation to your specifications

For optimal protection, the DMH can be adapted as a flexible modular tool to sit your specific requirements and applications. The sensitivity of the sensors can be individual defined, as can the number of channels or the sensor structure. It is best to simply contact us – our experienced development team can help you find a design that meets all of your requirements with minimal effort.

DMH technology – compliant with all regulations

With regards to compliance with legal requirements – our DMH technology consistently meets all relevant security requirements, including the stringent EU requirements for medical devices according to IEC60601-1.

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