Fill Level Measurement

The innovative safety measure technology from Sasse Elektronik allows you to measure the exact capacitive fill-level of liquids and solids, all in real time. The solutions are specially designed for a sterile environment and can easily be integrated into your existing environment thanks to space-saving and maintenance-free technology.

Constant fill level measurement of critical substances are a proven tool to avoid expensive damages or failures, and to protect the health of staff and patients. The safety measure technology from Sasse Elektronik precisely records both liquid and solid, conductive and nonconductive materials. The robes sensors are not impacted by drops or condensation or even electromagnetic interference. This makes it easy for your customers to continuously monitor the fill level of your systems.

Ideal solution for sterile environments

Sasse safety measure is optimized for use in sterile environments – the measurement electrodes can either be connected to the container from the outside or integrated into a container and measure the fill level completely contactless. This reliably prevents potential contamination, and continuously compliant processes in the medical field, laboratories, or in the clean room can be ensured.

Flexibly customizable measurement systems

We will happily advise and support you in finding the best possible way to integrate our compact fill level management technologies into your existing environment. From day one, our experienced developers will customize the solutions to meet your requirements, as well as all industry-specific and client-side requirements.

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