Handheld Control Units

With their high flexibility, exceptional ergonomics and safety, handheld control units have become the standard in many industrial applications all around the world. Whether it is in robotics, assembly lines or various industrial plants, handheld control units are a reliable and durable solution.

Handheld control units from Sasse Elektronik are characterized by their compact and functional design – our experts help your team to arrange the required control elements to ensure an optimal depiction of your requirements for seamless integration into your processes.

Handheld control units for every system

Sasse Elektronik offers three standard powerful, flexible, and customizable handheld control units:

  • The HBG20 sets its focus on simple usability through the use of a selection switch, a hand wheel, and an easily maintainable membrane keyboard with assignable function keys.
  • The HBG20-DP supports the same features as the HBG20, but is distinguished by its comfortable embossing as well as its impact resistant and IP65 compliant casing. With the eponymous Profibus-DP interface, LED feedback and an integrated magnetic mount, the device is especially attractive for demanding industrial applications.
  • The HBG-SC10 is a fully modular handheld terminal that can be flexibly adapted to a wide range of applications.

Confirmation switch and safety switch for special operations
To ensure safe operation, all three models are come equipped with a confirmation switch and a safety switch, which protects the operating personell and the system from possible damage, especially in special operations. At your request, we are happy to equip your existing systems with confirmation and safety switches. 

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