Joysticks enable your customers to intuitively and reliably control highly complex systems, while also keeping space requirements and maintenance costs at a minimum. As a robust and affordable control solution, they are particularly popular in harsh industrial environments in a variety of scenarios.

The MagJoy from Sasse Elektronik has established itself as a robust, intuitive and easy to use input device across all sectors for many years. Aggressive media such as dust, lubricants or cleaning agents that are habitual to harsh industrial environments are no feat for the MagJoy – all while being a cost-effective solution that meets all quality standards.

Flexible adaptation to customer requirements

With its different control button options, the MagJoy flexibly adapts to your individual requirements. It selectively supports one, two or three axes and can optionally be expanded to include a scroll wheel or three freely assignable function keys. USB and analog interfaces allow for a simple integration into your systems.

Retrofit the joystick

With its robust and low-maintenance design, IP5 protection and powerful hall-sensor technology, the MagJoy is perfectly suited for use in demanding industrial environments. If necessary, the joystick can be integrated into existing control panels, starting at a depth of 42.5 millimeters.

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