Electronic modules and controls for use in magnetic resonance and high frequency ranges must meet special requirements. Building on our safety electronic technologies, we advise and support you in the development and manufacturing of high quality, MR-compatible components for particularly critical environments.

MRI systems are among the most powerful imaging procedures in modern medical diagnostics. Their use however, produces extremely powerful magnetic fields and radio waves – strong enough to negatively impact conventional electronic components in their performance and functionality in certain environments.

Reliable shielded electronic systems

Sasse Elektronik is your experienced partner for the development and production of DIN EN ISO 13485 compliant, high frequency and magnetic resonance resistant electronic components, that withstand even the most demanding MR and high-frequency ranges due to their reliable shielding. We are by your side in all phases of your project – from the selection of suitable stress-resistant materials to the electronic development and the efficient manufacturing in accordance with the principles of lean management.

Long-term project experience

To turn your projects into reality, we employ our many years of implementation experience from numerous projects. With this experience, we have realized sophisticated control systems and intercoms with hearing protection and pneumatic voice transmission for MRI departments for customers in medical technology.

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