Stainless Steel Keyboards

Stainless steel keyboards do not just look prestigious, but are also robust and versatile. Our keyboards are thus widely acclaimed in areas such as medical technology, automation, the automotive industry, the food and beverage industry and many public areas. With our Saskey brand, we have remained one of Germany’s leading stainless steel keyboard providers for over 20 years.

Sasse is the pioneer of the stainless steel keyboard. Our keyboards are distinguished by their modern and prestigious design. The high build quality that is prevalent across all product lines allows our keyboards to master harsh environments, weathering and even physical violence (vandalism). With its abrasion-resistant laser marking the IP65 certified keyboards are also extremely durable, even when used in demanding industrial and medical environments.

The Saskey portfolio includes four established product lines:

The BEN series, aimed at companies that regularly process large amounts of data. Equipped with guided keys with a stroke of 3 millimeters, they provide maximum comfort and pleasant tactility.

The ERGON series, already in use at thousands of workplaces all around the world, and proven to be a reliable industry standard with a keystroke of 1.6 millimeters for inputting low volumes of data.

The ERGON_AUT series, the classic for environments with glove operation as well as particularly harsh environmental conditions. The protruding short-stroke keys allow for secure data entry at any given time.

The EKH short travel keyboards, identifiable by their flat, plain surface. They are particularly suitable for applications where ease of cleaning is of utmost importance and blend in harmoniously when installed vertically.

At Sasse, you will find the appropriate keyboard for any scenario, optionally with a touchpad or trackball. In addition, we can implement a number of flexible integration options (thrust carts, consoles), country-based keyboard arrangements as well as industry specific versions (e.g. silicone-free models for the automotive industry).

We are also happy to develop a completely customized stainless steel input system, building on our many years of experience and the standard components of our wide product range.

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