Touch Technologies

With their ease of use and countless customizable options, touch-based control systems have become increasingly popular in all industries. Sasse Elektronik develops and produces high performance touch control systems and concepts that are precisely tailored to your requirements while meeting the highest security demands.

Across all industries, a shift to simple and comfortable control by the touch of your finger can be observed. But this technology does not come without its pitfalls – especially with regards to functional safety: our hectic everyday wiping and typing make mistakes of all sorts inevitable. Particularly when used in demanding medical or industrial environments, it is vital to set the course for safe and compliant operation as early as in the development phase.

Years of touch experience

Sasse has extensive experience in the design and manufacturing of powerful touch control systems for critical environments – from traditional resistive and capacitive solutions to innovative touch feedback systems for safe blind operation. Our experts are by your side in all phases of your project: We advise you on materials and technologies, support you in your purchasing processes, and thus help you to develop high quality control systems within your budget and timeframe.

First failure safety – guaranteed

To ensure the first failure safety of our devices, we offer individual safety packages that combine a number of security components for each control system. This way you can rest assured that your touch solutions meet even the most stringent security requirements.

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